Patient Rights and Responsibilities

Blue Door is committed to the highest standard of client care and treatment. It is important to us that you and your family members feel welcome, respected and supported at Blue Door ABA. It is our goal to provide compassionate care, treating every client and their families, with respect and dignity. Every client has rights and responsibilities. It is important you are aware of your rights. You should know your child’s rights as a client and your rights and responsibilities as a parent. The following information is provided so you are aware of your rights and our recognition of your valid expectation that Blue Door ABA remain committed to providing exceptional care while always treating each client with compassion, care, respect and dignity, regardless of ability.


Client Rights

Clients have the right to be provided with information about Blue Door ABA, its available services, its providers and staff, procedures and protocols and company policies. The information should be presented in a way which is easily understood.

Clients have the right to request services from Blue Door ABA and that within the company’s capacity, any assessments, evaluations, planning, treatment or referrals will be completed in a timely matter. Any responses or notifications, including denials, will be relayed to the client, in a timely matter. Urgent matters will take precedence based on level of urgency.

Clients have the right to be aware of the identity and professional status of Blue Door ABA providers or staff that are involved in their care and treatment. Each staff member should introduce themselves and explain their role as a Blue Door ABA care provider. Staff should express clear, understandable details as well as noting who they report to in the case a client would like to involve or contact a supervisor. Clients have the right to be provided treatment by competent staff members and to be afforded continuity of care from one service provider to another.

Clients have the right to expect reasonable continuity of care, including discharge planning and instructions. Clients have the right to information concerning their discharge planning, continued health care recommendations and referrals. Clients have the right to be involved in this planning.

Clients have the right to be provided equal treatment without regard to age, race, sex, religion, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation or gender identity, background, HIV status, physical or mental disability, marital status, socioeconomic status or Limited English Proficiency. Clients have the right to be treated with respect, dignity, and compassion regardless of mind, condition or illness.

Clients have the right to appropriate and compassionate care at all times. Clients have the right to be protected from neglect; to be protected from physical, emotional, or verbal abuse, and from all manners of exploitation.

Clients have the right to expect reasonable safety within the environment services take place and safety during the performance of services, by Blue Door ABA care providers.

Clients have the right to education about their role and team member roles and responsibilities within the scope and delivery of services.

Clients have the right to receive clear and easily understandable information about their diagnosis, planned programming and intended course of treatment, care and any relative procedures or plans, professional recommendations and prospects for improvement, advancements or recovery. Clients will be informed about the outcomes of care. Clients have the right to be informed of any proposed treatment available; regardless of cost or benefit coverage and to be informed about the risks, benefits, and side effects of this treatment.

Clients must give consent to treatment. The consent should be voluntary. Clients have the right to reasonable informed participation in decisions involving their health care. Clients have a right to refuse to participate partially or fully in treatment or therapeutic activities. (unless participation is so ordered by a court or law). Clients who refuse care or treatment are responsible for the consequences of the decision. The refusal of treatment may hinder delivery of appropriate care to the client, in accordance with ethical and professional standards. If this occurs, the relationship with the client may need to be terminated and the unavoidable cessation of services will initiate discharge procedures, where details will be documented, and reasonable notice will be given.

Clients have the right to refuse to participate in experimentation as part of their care, including the right to a reasonable explanation of the procedure that is being presented, the benefits to be expected, the relative advantages of alternative services, the potential discomforts and possible risks. Clients refusal to participate in any experimental procedure will not affect the provision of care, in any way. Clients have the right to information concerning research possibilities relative to their involvement or inclusion.

Clients have the right to be free of restraints, except when necessary to protect them from injury to themselves or others. Whenever possible, the least restrictive restraints will be used and only utilized in accordance with applicable and standard state regulations

Clients have the right to formulate advance directives.

Clients have the right to privacy and confidentiality related to all aspects of care including caring for their personal needs. Privacy and confidentiality of client care, treatment and records include but are not limited to, the unwarranted disclosure of medical records, whole or in part. Clients have the right to read and/or obtain copies of their records, upon request. (see HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices for details for Protected Health Information).

Clients have the right not to be responsible for the care of other clients. Clients have the right to be free of any requirement by Blue Door ABA that of services which are ordinarily performed by care providers and staff.

Clients have the right to refuse the use of photographs, audio and/or visual techniques to record or observe the individual’s activities during treatment unless written and signed consent is given. Clients have the right to refuse the use of these materials for Blue Door ABA marketing purposes unless written and signed consent is given.

Clients have the right to be informed about fees and payment options for any services. Clients have the right to receive an explanation of their reimbursement charges, regardless of the means of payments made. Clients have the right to be notified of billing changes including if/when they are no longer eligible for insurance or when payments by another party will end. Notification by Blue Door ABA will be made in advance or as soon as possible, depending on the circumstance.

Clients have the right to express to Blue Door ABA, any complaints, grievances and appeals about the care, care providers or services they have been provided, without fear of interference of services, coercion, discrimination, or reprisal.


Client Responsibilities

Blue Door ABA is committed to supporting our clients achieve their full potential in family, community and school life. With our support and the partnership between our Blue Door ABA team and families, we can work together to ensure every individual has as much support as possible needed to achieve their individual goals. Clients, caretakers and families play vital roles in this cooperative effort. Just as we are committed to the clients care and privacy, it is expected that clients and families will assume responsibilities, to the best of their abilities.  (reference Blue Door ABA Parent Handbook for further details)

Clients and families must provide accurate, complete information that may be needed by administrative staff and care providers providing services. This includes providing complete medical history, to the best of their knowledge, when they are requested to do so.

Clients and families must participate, to the degree possible, in understanding client’s programs, treatment goals and plans of care. Clients and families must follow plans, instructions and guidelines for care that they have agreed upon with their Blue Door ABA care providers.

Clients must inform their care providers if they do not understand treatment plans, are unsure what they may be expected to do, or have any general questions related to client care and treatment.

Clients are expected to follow the policies, rules and regulations of Blue Door ABA, that are in place to support quality care and a safe environment for all individuals

Clients must inform their care provider or our office if there is an unexpected change in condition, living arrangements, location, insurance coverage, guardianship, service changes, scheduling adjustments and cancellations. Clients are responsible for reporting any perceived risks.

Clients must assume appropriate financial responsibility for services.

Clients are responsible for being familiar with their insurance plan and the extent of their coverage, including referral and authorization requirements. Clients must speak with a Blue Door ABA billing representative about coverage, payments or if there is any change in payment plans, reimbursements or if financial circumstances have changed and if unexpected financial hardship occurs.

Clients are expected to respect the rights and privacy of other clients and Blue Door ABA care providers.

Clients are expected to maintain civil language and conduct while interacting with their care providers.

Clients are expected to refrain from physical violence, threatening behavior or any type of harassment.

Clients are required to provide a safe, reasonably clean space for care providers to provide services. This space should be free of weapons, alcohol and any controlled substances, and pests and vermin.