Social Skills Groups

Social skills are the skills individuals use when interacting with other people and the world around us. Typically, social skills are learned naturally by ‘picking up’ social cues, rules and customs from our surroundings. These guide social interactions with other people. Over time, an internal, social “map” of how to act in situations, how to determine social responses and navigating appropriate social interactions develops.

For many individuals with ASD and some others, in general, it may not come as naturally. It can be challenging to learn and build up these skills, forcing them to guess what the social “map” should look like.

Social skills groups (SSG) offer an opportunity for people who need support, regardless of age, to practice their social skills with peers, in a group setting, on a consistent basis. Each group focuses on enhancing social skills, interactions, and communication skills. ABA and behavioral interventions are utilized while learning is happening through engaging activities, socialization, and play.

Social skills groups are a great opportunity to learn, socialize, create friendships and of course, have fun!

Blue Door ABA offers social skills groups (SSG) for those individuals who may benefit from participating in a group, with support. The groups are organized and supervised by our Blue Door ABA supervising staff and accommodate individuals ages 2-21. Groups are organized by age range, focus, function and need.

Blue Door ABA Social Skills Groups offer support with :

• learning and practice of social skills
• appropriate peer interactions
• structure and predictability
• teaching perspectives
• social mind thinking
• help breaking down abstract social concepts into concrete actions
• conversation skills and turn taking
• simplifying language and following directions
• working in pairs or groups with cooperation and partnership encouraged
• provides new learning opportunities
• fosters self-awareness and self-esteem
• learning new skills and activities